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Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 12 SOC 200 - The Overworked American

Do I think Americans these days (2011 now) are overworked, underpaid, and excessively stressed and mismanaged by employers in our society.  Yes & No, as always I can see perspectives from both sides of the fence.  Yes, I do think only having 1 day off of work is not enough, especially when raising children, catering to a husband/wife, and trying to keep up with household chores, bills, taxes, hobbies, etc.  These days its common for both parents to work full time jobs, and still have financial woes, in some cases, forcing the children to start work at a young age and help with costs.  This takes away from the children's education, compromises children's ambition and ability to "dream", and it also adds unneccessary stress to an already stressful time in a kid's development.  I think in many cases, kids are not developing fully because the parents arent around, and then the kids themselves have to earn money at a young age.  The motivation for a decent education slowly spirals away, survival instincts take over, and its all about earning as much as you can at the time, while operating within the means you've settled for.  This is a primary reason why foreign countries are graduating more educated people at decent institutions than Americans. 

Yet I can also say, NO, if we look at countries that are far worse off than we are, however this could be like taking up a bad self-fulfilling prophecy.  Yet its important to realize how lucky we have it here, and that as overworked as we may be, it doesn't compare to the struggles of people in 3rd world countries, etc.  Yet its important we dont use that as an excuse to bury ourselves in our work, and neglect family issues, which sometimes are the more tedious and sensitive issues, that lead to many disfunctional existances in our counrty.

Societies demand's fall 2nd upon our own, so its important you demand whats right for you and your family.  Even if that means taking a job that pays a bit less to spend that extra day with loved ones and keep your fam tight-knit.  In the end thats more valuable than the range rover and diamond earrings and extended garage etc.  But if you can pull it off, go for it, shoot for the stars.

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