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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Walmart Good for America? (1/6) SOC 200 BLOG wk 13

This is part 1 of 6 of the PBS premiere "Is Wal-Mart Good for America?"

What is it? What is Wal-Mart? Apparently its the American free-market equivalent to Japan's Godzilla (The bootleg Godzilla was made in China though), stomping on traditional trade values and causing complete chaos by forcing American manufacturing companies to compete more. Or close up shop and then re-open up shop in lets say, hmmm, Asia? Duhh! Or maybe even India? Somewhere where the corporate fat monkeys can keep getting their golden bannanas without losing a step in the manufacturing process, or without doing the "M" word. Im referring to corporate Merging of course. Nobody wants to be friends with Wal-Mart, the big ugly bully on the business playground, stealing all the little Small Business owning boy's milk money, and who knew Wal-mart was actually a she. Wal-Mart is actually short for Wal-Martina. Anyways... you get the picture, Wal-mart is F'ing S up, especially for U.S. tubberware makers.

What are my personal opinions in the matter, if you couldnt already decypher them from the less than subdle comedic undertone, between the lines of my opening paragraph? I dont really buy into the whole "Wal-Mart is the antichrist" arguement. I do think they are a lousy chain and dont personally shop there for anything noteworthy, and I also think they are wasteful, but I dont think they are some retail monopoly taking over the business world, and putting "joe the plumber's" on unemployment. I think simple American greed and competition is to blame for that, and there is no way to chastice Wal-Mart legally to change the next big Wal-Mart-like baby-killer chain from coming to the surface in another 2-3 years. Unless the supreme court gets the squash out of it's politically biased and tightened buttocks, there will be no progress on this matter, and american manufacturers will continue to be shat on with digested gold bannanna residue. Blame capitol hill, politics as usual.  (& believe it or not I have no political affiliation, I consider myself an independent, if even that.)

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