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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Wealth Gap - SOC 200 Blog

The fact is that there is obviously a wealth gap (as in old money) between blacks and whites.  Now many sociologists view this as a problem/social issue.  The fact of the matter is, it is 2010 and anybody of any race can make something of their lives here in America.  Our "poor" people aren't really poor.  Now as a black person you may have a harder time being lets say "President".  Even though Obama won the election, that was evidence that anyone CAN become president, not saying it rationally will happen again soon.  Not that I care about the color of my president, just by statistic, its a big feat, and Obama is a champion for coming out on top, and so far I dont think he's done a horrible job, even though many disagree, the platform was pretty jacked up when he got there.  Anyways, there are plenty of poor white folk, so if were going to help poor black folk, we got to help poor folk everywhere, which sounds pretty damn Robin Hoodish to me.  Maybe a little to fairy tale.  This is real life, and Im not wealthy, but I know wealthy people arent going to just give their money away, and they shouldnt have to.  Im quite fine with chissling away and working my butt off for my own, and I know plenty of black people who are the same way.  So people need to get off the political cocaine and get back to the real world.  Just my "opinion."

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  1. I love your "can do" attitude because the fact of the matter is that 50 years ago an African America becoming president would be impossible, but today its unlikely [there will be more] but its not impossible because of the stepping stone Obama has created.