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Sunday, December 5, 2010

SOC 200 Week 9 Blog, Gender Inequity

I disagree with sociologists who say "Gender Socialization" is the only way people associate themselves with stereotypical gender identities.  I think Biology most definitely has something to do with it.  Its a fact on an above average basis men (due to the anatomical structure of the male physique) are usually bigger and stronger than women.  Not saying this is always true, there are a percentage of women who defy the odds.  & I believe unique circumstances usually accompany those women, and they do share more in common with men (at least in America.)  Yet that is a difference, not an inequality.

I hate to stick to statistics and "facts", because I believe they are self-fulfilling prophecies.  If you limit yourself to what past studies say you're allowed to accomplish you're never going to do anything different, therefore you're circumstances will be the same as past women/men.  In this day and age, it's pivotal to think outside the box (and textbook) to get ahead, whether male or female.  To say "Im a woman which means the odds are stacked against me", though it may seem true, by assigning yourself that "truth" you have now limited yourself.  Then all you can do is complain, and study sociology, become a sociologist, hoping the statistics you gather will change the world, which it most likely wont.  Hate to spoil your sunday funday.

I play hockey, and I definitely see the attitude towards women is different, but thats because there arent that many women hockey players, and the women who do play are usually not as strong, fast, or aggressive as the men.  However, I have seen a select few women hockey players, who dont allow the "facts" to hold them back, and they are as good, and sometimes a lot better than most of the male hockey players, and equally aggressive.  However, when it comes to "tradition" I can definitely see where a women will have difficulty being allowed the same opportunity as a equally talented man to, lets say, make an NHL team.  However, it isn't impossible, but this is something "sociology" itself cant change, only pure determination and commitment.  The powers that be may even be fully aware the woman is as capable as the man is, but will still discriminate for a multitude of reasons.  What do you do in that situation other than work harder, I dont know...  It would be quite a historic moment when a woman becomes an NHL player, even more historic when she drops the gloves with an opposing male hockey player, what will that do to the mentality of the hockey culture?  the gender stereotypes?  It may even be scary for some to think about.

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