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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week 7 Blog for SOC 200 - Stratification

Do I think Social Class is important today?  Yes, it is important because the more money you have the more opportunities you will most likely have.  Money makes society thrive, yet I dont believe it makes the "world" spin, I believe human beings in general do that.  I was raised to not care how much money somebody has or to even care about somebody's social class, I just care about how nice you are and how we are able to relate to each other.  Not saying to ignore somebody's financial capabilities, but it shouldnt be a deciding factor on whether or not to associate with them, yet these days I see it a lot.  I also see people take advantage of people simply for materialistic purposes which is real sad.  Yet I think some people get carried away and only focus on money, not saying it doesnt matter cause it does, it can make life easier or harder, but a lot of people are out of touch with reality when they base all their decisions on money only.  People are complex beings and money simplifies us, materialism is a pretty simple concept.  I was raised middle class, although in some ways we have had our share of "new money" we still conduct ourselves as most middle class/blue collar families do.  Its important to be able to socialize with people of all classes, and get to know ppl in other classes than yourself, thats why I think being smack dab in the middle has its advantages, cause you have more in common with the top and the bottom.  You never really get solidified, you just learn how to relate to all people better, rather than fortifying yourself in wealth, or lack-of.

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