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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 5 Blog - Conformity vs. Deviance

Just watched this video, which was a PBS documentary, unfortunately only the trailer is available on youtube. The video really makes us question the reason why people really deviate from the law and go to jail. I reccomend the full video to anyone curious, it was really interesting, and definitely leaves you hungry for answers. I think our criminal justice system is flawed in our country. We imprison 750 people per 100,000 on average every year in America. Even the Russian Federation imprisons over 120 less people on average. I think our system is easily exploited and abused. It sometimes victimizes innocent people, when even 1 innocent person behind bars is too many. It also many times shows too much leniency to repeat offenders or people who committed serious and inexcusable crimes. Appeals many times are not shown the proper attention and judges/attorneys tend to generalize often, as well as operate strictly on the premise of finacial motivation, abandoning some pivotal moral principles. Cases aren't treated as uniquely and not investigated as adequately as they should be, mostly due to financial reasons. This is why I believe our system is flawed, but then again, what system isn't flawed? -in any country....

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