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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 1 Blog Entry - Who I Am.

Please read the subtitle, right under the big title saying "The Zamboni Ride" for my first paragraph.  No use in retyping the same thing.

Other than that, as expected some of my hobbies are playing hockey, coaching kids, jiu-jitsu, going to concerts and sporting events (especially my Caps, Skins, and Nats), writing songs even though I cant sing them, and I like to find neat quotes from cool people and post them all over facebook.  I like chasing girls, as well as doing stuff with the bro's.  One of my main joys in life is making new friends and accomplices and just fostering that connectivity.  I hate being lonely although sometimes it's healthy.  I'm more about the journey than the destination in life, deeply competitive (even with myself), I like to beat people especially in sports and video games, I like to earn things and receive awards.  I used to be real shy and held back my potential because I didn't like added attention, now I just accept it for what it is.  I used to be afraid to stand out too much, but i think experiences in life have given me a boosted confidence level now, and I'm less concerned with what the world thinks, and more concerned with what I think of myself and where I want to be.  Any questions, just leave a comment and ask, I'd be happy to chit chat. 

Oh yeah!  How could I forget.  If you want something fun to do/watch this weekend.  Come out to NVCC's Ice Hockey game this Saturday at 10pm vs. rival George Mason University Patriots @ the Ashburn Ice House. Heres a link to the flyer with time and address:!/photo.php?fbid=482776061132&set=a.161013116132.157904.161001436132 

*I have 2 fractured ribs right now so I might be on the bench-list, but if it heals quick, come game time you might just see #20 out on that ice dangling.  Right now I'm day-to-day.

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